Wood. Fired. Grilled.

Wood. Fired. Grilled. Oysters…
Let’s start there. I’m not gonna lie and say that I LOVE oysters. I tolerate them and on occasion truly savor a small briney bite of the ocean. If they are too big, I am out, talk about freaking me out a bit. But these 3 oysters changed everything.
Location: Estero, Florida (Coconut Point)

Photo Credit: The Saloon


This was the second time we decided to try out the Saloon. The first was at night after a day of shopping and being ravenous. You know when you are so hungry they could have served you a tomato sandwich and it would of tasted like the best thing you ever ate. That is the level of hungry that I am talking about. I’m not going to lie and say that I remember what I ate that night for an entrée as the appetizer stole the show.
The have the most delicious wood fried grilled oysters in a slightly spicy sauce. Think Oyster Rockefeller meets the southwest. Here is their description from their menu: 3 Gulf Coast oysters, with a white wine, bacon, spinach, guajillo chile and cheese stuffing, roasted on a wood fire. YUM!!!
Skip ahead a few months, still thinking about the oysters ….
Sitting around Friday night with BF and he mentions oysters and that he is craving some. Cue the wood fired grilled oysters of my dreams! Except he is talking cold oysters and I am not having it. Wake up Saturday and I know I am heading there for lunch for the oysters. If you can’t tell I am hitting obsession level at this point in my thoughts.
Now this place isn’t exactly around the corner, it’s a commitment to get there from my house, but this was happening. We drive down, park the car and I almost skip with glee as we head up to the door. We take a seat at the almost empty bar on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. Bartender greets us and gets our drink order started while we peruse the menu. Then horror strikes. No Oysters Listed.
Not panicking at all at this point but I’m pretty sure I squeaked out the question to the bartender about said oysters. He politely informed me that they aren’t on the lunch menu. NOOOOOOO. In the span of a second my heart and sole were crushed. But seriously, only for 1 second. The bartender turned into the greatest man ever with a simple “I will see if they can pull it together for you”. One swift trip to the kitchen and my oyster dreams were coming true.
The BF and I each got an order and in less than 10 minutes they were delivered piping hot and smelling delicious. The touch of the spice from the guajillo chili sauce, mixed with the salty bacon and mineral laden spinach is pure heaven.
If you get the chance, take a spin over and get the oysters!

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