Let’s be frank … I have a problem.

If you open the door of my refrigerator at any time you will most likely find jar upon jar of condiments. I’m talking we have 5 different types of mustard alone! I’m not sure what our issue is but we must have tons and tons of flavor on our food. Between the mustard’s and hot sauces, they are taking over the doors. Then there is the other the half of shelf that is dedicate solely to pickled items. This holds all the jar of yummy pickled or briny goodness. We love us some pickles: garlic, dill, bread & butter, half dills, you name it!

I decided I should try and make a batch of what I am hearing are “quickles”. Easily made pickled vegetables that you don’t have go through a canning technique to enjoy. I had found some baby Persian cucumbers at my local Aldi’s and decided this was the time to try my hand at this. Throw in some cucumbers that had been hanging out in the crisper and we have an adventure.

I made a simple brine that consisted of apple cider vinegar, pepper corns, fresh dill from my herb garden, garlic clove, bay leaf and a pinch of turmeric for color. It was as simple as bringing this to a boil, placing the veggies in the jars and brine over. I left these to cool on the counter and then stashed them in my fridge. A couple of days later we test and they had a beautiful dilly taste. Dilly, yep it’s a word.

Next time you have some fresh baby cukes give it a try!

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