Sunday Supper

Cult Carne

If you don’t live in the Lee County area of Florida you probably have never heard of this little gem of a restaurant. Think funky, eclectic and amazing. The menu is vast, there aren’t 50 items listed, but the ones that are on that menu …. Think beyond good. They know how to execute even the humblest hamburger to an extraordinary event. But we are not here to talk about any of that. None of it, not in the least bit.

We are here to talk about Cult Carne.  That’s right, Cult Carne, the once a month dinner party that owner Shannon Yates puts on to show items that aren’t on the daily menu. This is a private event that you purchase tickets to and the restaurant/bar is closed except for the patio to customers. Usually this consist of 2 seating for the night, always on a Sunday.


So if I think that the regular menu is excellent, what do you think I think about the special menu. Here is what I will tell you  … Shut up and take my money!!!

The Place: Nevermind Awesome Bar & Eatery

The Event: Cult Carne

The Outcome: To Die For

We were lucky enough to attend April’s dinner this month and it left nothing to be desired. Let’s start with …

 First course: Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail with Blu Cheese Salad.


The shrimp were plump and juicy and cooked to perfection then gently laid over an abundance of salad. We are talking overflowing here people! The salad was fresh with vibrant greens, cherry tomatoes, sweet red peppers, and mountain of creamy dreamy funky blue cheese. I am not sure we could shovel this salad faster into our face. The dressing was light and didn’t compete with the blue cheese star but it was delicious.

Second course: Prime Rib Smoked Horse Radish & Bacon Demi Dipper Pork Belly Mash


Ok just stop what you’re doing and read that course again. SMOKED PRIME RIB!!! You read that correctly. I have no idea how long this was smoked. All i know is it was amazing.

Since we got to the event early we were able to watch some of the prep for the meal as its an open kitchen. Prime ribs were flying in from the smoke and being hand cut into piece on trays. When they were all cut the magic happened. Directly onto the flat top to give it a quick browning & sear. Let the plating begin!!


Ok it been a few weeks since we had this dinner and just writing this my mouth is watering thinking about the dish but here it is in all its gloriousness.

It’s laid over a bed of creamy mashed potatoes that happens to have sticky glazed pork belly folded in. HEAVENLY!!

Last course: Masters Fresh Peaches & Ice Cream Sammy. Between Two Sugar Cookies


Since the theme for this event was on the day the Master’s were wrapping up Shannon tied this into Georgia Peaches with glorious ice cream. Warm sugar cookies to wrap it all up with the sauteed peaches. Such a fantastic and refreshing ending to a fabulous meal.

If you get the chance check them out and get in on the best dinner date night out!

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