Let’s talk about this little gem.

With a collaboration of masterminds from Nice Guys & Nevermind’s how could you possibly go wrong? After what seems like a decade in the making, Danger Danger finally opened the last week of March. I think I heard a silent cheer in the city.

Normally I am not one to run to a newly opened restaurant as they typically have to work out the kinks. This one though, I knew we were going to go regardless of how long they have been open. When I say it newly opened, I mean 3 days …. Seriously ….3.

Ok, let’s get to it, I know you came here for the food. If we are talking about Nice Guys & Neverminds you know the menu with be eclectic. That is exactly what it is. Think southern fried chicken meets a taco stand and gets rolled up in a pizza.

We specifically went for the Cape Coral Hot Chicken & the Fried Pickle’s and ran into a taco on the way.

The Chicken…

Cape Coral Hot – Nashville hot inspired. We got the 4-piece box with 2 sauces. This chicken was cooked perfectly! I typically do not eat breast meat and it is far too dry for me, but this was moist and tender and ridiculously good. It looked like it had been brined prior to frying and the spice in the breading was excellent. Then the dip happened, into the chili goodness. The heat level will not blow your head off and the mix between spice and flavor is a great balance. If there was any critique it would be that the breading was delicious but while piping hot it fell off the chicken. Although, the next day after being in the fridge it was perfect cold and even more spicy. The sauces were a pungent black truffle honey mustard and their homemade ranch. Both delicious and many additional varieties to choose from.

Fried Pickles…

Think perfect little rounds, fried to crisp deliciousness and served with homemade ranch. They gave you that perfect balance of brininess/salty/crunchy yumminess (technical term). The accompanying ranch is the cool finish that rounds the dish out.

Toadstool hero (taco) …

Since we already had ordered chicken, we went the vegetarian route with the taco. Talk about a little tortilla of goodness! This one came with crimini mushrooms, black bean, guajillo romesco, salsa macha, cotija cheese, sprouts, pickled onion. The blend of flavors with the cool crunch of the cilantro and the actual “meatiness” of the mushrooms made it the perfect combo.

Psst… cilantro comes with the stems. Just eat them, you’re welcome.

Make sure you check out their Facebook page, see if they are open and get over there for some delicious grub!


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